Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Hot Out There, People!

Science! It says we'll manage as long as we can sweat balls through this heat...

It still bloody uncomfortable, though.

Thanks again for all of the birthday love! Many (many, many) ice cold drinks were had!

BHE and I are staring down the barrel of a VERY big week, so details on bday celebrations, four-century-old pop up books, and Baltimore Comi-con happenings will come later. Promise!

Try not to melt in the meantime...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Blah-buster

I had a wonderful set of photos and stories about various topics, including:
  • BHE's and mine questionable decision to celebrate our anniversary by completing a private bar crawl of every joint in our neighborhood. Good times! However, there's a reason we stopped doing these after grad school.
  • The A-M-A-Z-I-N-G meal BHE and I had at the Woodberry Kitchen to celebrate aforementioned anniversary, which included the C.M.P. (Malt ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, roasted peanuts). Duff of Ace of Cakes fame drooled about the dish on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Note: It's not even the best dessert on the friggin menu!

  • Pics from my time in Chicago, where I got to watch my formerly little cousin kick bum as wing for his rugby 7s team and spent time making Baby Button giggle while hanging out with my BFF and her hubby. 
Instead, the ether-verse has once again erased most of my photos, leaving me with the following to entertain you this Monday morning.

In our first installment, BHE and I like to troll garage/yard sales, Salvation Army shops, and Goodwill stores from nifty home items (more on that in an upcoming post). Things like baskets, bar ware, a Julia Homer Wilson original, and a nifty pint glass with Ringo Starr painted on the side (SCORE.). Granted, they can't all be winners...

Is it too much?

Our final piece comes courtesy of the 2011 ArtScape festival here in Charm City. It's apparently America's largest free arts festival, though from what I saw it was mostly food booths and a LOT of people crammed into a small section of Mt. Vernon. Still, we saw some cool stuff. BROS performed on a small stage, BHE found a print that made him smile, and I managed to locate the art car exhibit:

Not too shabby for a week and a half. 
This week I plan to partake in the time-honored tradition that is the Birthday Week. Mine, to be specific. I've got plans to enjoy some drinks, to go out for dim sum, and - fingers crossed - to close on our first home.

Of course, work beckons in the meantime. Hope your Monday is treating you with kid gloves, hon! See you at my birthday happy hour Friday. :)

Until then - Enjoy!