Monday, September 14, 2009

4 Weeks In

A brief recap of what I've learned during this past week's training:

(1) Ankles are a surprisingly sensitive area of the body.

(2) 8 miles are a LOT harder to run through than 7. Running into a giant spider web does not help make the distance any easier.

(3) Nothing helps haul one's bum into gear like dropping $88 in registration fees to run a half
marathon through the city of Baltimore. (October 10th if anyone wants to cheer me on!)

(4) Motivation to run is hard to come by after a full day of work and crappy weather conditions. Is this part of the mental wall I've heard so much about?

This week is my "easy" training week, which I think means I don't have to run too many runs before this weekend's long run. We'll be running with the team that's training for the Baltimore full marathon (also Oct 10th, so they're doing a 20mi run), so this will be the first time I get to practice eating goo and stopping for water/hydration breaks during a run. I've heard some fairly entertaining tales about varying levels of success people have drinking/eating while running, so this ought to be interesting.

I'll try to take pictures.

Based on comments on my last post, I will definitely be sending SASE with my fliers. If you'd like to help out (and ANY amount will help) please send me your mailing address at and I'll send a flier along post haste.

Thanks, y'all! :) And thanks for all the support!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fundraising Conundrum

I'm preparing to send out fliers to encourage people to contribute to my run. TnT will pay the postage for the first 100 mailings.

Here's my conundrum: Do I include an SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with my flier or save myself the $0.47 per mailing?