Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I'm Digging on Right Now

1) Eric Hutchinson and Adele

I hate that I found about these two outstanding musical artists while breezing through VH1 during an intense channel surf. C'est la vie.

Adele has an intense amount of soul, with a voice that goes seriously beyond her age. Kind of like Amy Winehouse, except exponentially more talented. And without the extra-strength crazy.

Hutchinson appeals to my guys-with-guitars-and-witty-lyrics obsession. But really, his stuff just makes me want to dance around my kitchen, which is a pretty engaging activity that I highly recommend.

2) Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen

Think of it as Good Eats sans kitsch. Christopher Kimball is the original food nerd and his magazine is where fellow kitchen geeks come to worship. I love that the articles explain what techniques and ingredients lead to (a lot of mess, that's what) and why. It even provides spot on product recommendations. Test Kitchen does the same, but with the added benefit of video and that feeling of smug satisfaction knowing that you're watching and learning from public television. With the exception of the disaster that was my attempted potato rosti, these two combined have saved me a lot of hassle in the kitchen.

3) The Venture Brothers

Adult Swim at its finest. It makes me miss other slightly warped fare, like The Tick and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist.

Oh, and those episodes that totally spoofed Scooby-doo and portrayed a heroin-addicted Johnny Quest at age 40? Sheer BRILLIANCE.

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