Sunday, April 12, 2009

Commercialism! It's not just for goyim anymore!

I'm here in the deep South visiting with the fam for the Easter holiday. Aside from the tornado warning on Friday, it's been a pretty relaxing trip. And today's agenda includes French Toast!

But, I digress.

Yesterday during a last minute grocery run, my younger sister pointed out an end-of-the-aisle display which sported an inflatable matzoh ball. That was entertaining for a few minutes. But then we noticed some of the other items available for the kiddies:


Ten Plague Masks and matzoh ball salt and pepper shakers were also available.

I'm not going to lie. While seeing another religion taken down by some soul-less corporation makes my heart hurt (you're next, Ramadan!), I am, admittedly, incredibly jealous. Easter has candy, true, and several other contradictory references to various pagan symbols, but the religiously themed toys? Seriously lacking. It's not like there's some kind of toy for the Catholic kids where they can make Jesus disappear and reappear at the push of a button. Which would be an AWESOME game, by the way.

The children of Israel definitely came out on top of the toy holiday toy department this season.

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