Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take This Cute Girl (Kitty) Home With You

Take This Cute Girl (Kitty) Home With You

From my friends at Ex-Boyfriend (a great e-shop, btw):

Life is rough in the big bad city for homeless kitties. This sweet affectionate girl was found living beneath some stairs, filled with wooden planks, which were full of nails that she had to navigate past on her way in and out. A kind Baltimore pet blogger has given her temporary shelter, but this girl needs a forever home.

She’s been to the vet and has been spayed. She’s 12 lbs, and about 3 or 4 years old. She is litterbox trained and plays well with dogs. If you or someone you know can make room for this cutie let her foster dad know. You can email him at muttsblog@verizon.net.

Please tweet, facebook, etc. and spread the word!

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