Thursday, March 17, 2011

Critters of All Sorts

I'm back from a quick visit to Chicago for Baby Button's shower and to hang out with my BFF/watch my sleep-deprived BFF pick fights with her equally sleep-deprived husband. I had a great time, but the trip left me very much aware of how ill-prepared I am for motherhood at the moment.

BB chilling on his Mia Grace blanket.

At present, I'm better off getting my mothering fix via taking care of animals.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! (*dramatic lead-in*)

BHE and I are teaming up with the good folks over at ex-boyfriend collection to help out the homeless (animals, that is) by taking part in the MDSPCA's March for the Animals!

The March is the MDSPCA's biggest fundraiser and a rather large event in the city. People come together with their adorable dogs/cats/iguanas/turtles/what have you and take part in various contests, agility courses, and general fun and entertainment.

Our "pack" is trying to raise some funds for the event and - seriously - every little penny helps! So if you like animals and have even $5 to spare, won't you give us a hand (or paw)? If you're really game, feel free to join our pack or simply stop by the event to see the cuteness and support a damn fine cause!

You can support your fellow animal lovers here.

Neco and Lina will be waiting to thank you in person...

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