Monday, March 5, 2012


BHE and I had a busy weekend full of random errands and such in preparation for this week (I'll get into that in a later post). To say it was stressful (or that said stress may have made me a bit...edgy) is something of an understatement. So to try and pick up our somewhat soggy spirits, we made our way to the Charles Theater here in Charm City to check out the 2012 Oscar Nominees for Animated Short Films, which included:

"Dimanche/Sunday" Patrick Doyon

"The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg

"La Luna" Enrico Casarosa

"A Morning Stroll" Grant Orchard and Sue Goffe

"Wild Life" Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby

I found "A Morning Stroll" extremely entertaining (mostly because I know the story on which it's based), while BHE quite enjoyed "Dimanche." We also were able to see shorts that received special commendations for excellence, which was cool. "Skylight" proved a particular favorite with the audience:

Unfortunately, Pixar's submission ("La Luna") was NOT among the shorts we could see[What the EFF, Pixar?!?], possibly because it will be the opening short to their summer release "Brave." Whatever...

"Flying Books" won the Oscar, and thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can see it below:

On a side note, I TOTALLY missed Dr. Seuss' 100th birthday this past week! (*GASP*) I'm without recipes to properly celebrate the occasion, but thankfully the good people at Serious Eats stepped in to fill the void.

I'm particularly looking forward to trying out the Hop on Pop(corn).

Chat you up soon, lovelies! Enjoy!

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