Monday, March 2, 2009

My Other Career Option

When I was a kid, I gave seriously consideration to the idea of working for Lego on a professional level. But then I found out that I'd have to get an Engineering degree, which conflicted with my childhood ambition of being a doctor/writer/lion tamer. I also discovered that Legoland- at the time - was located in Denmark. And, really, what does an 7-year-old living in Virginia know about the Nordic territories?

Anywho! I came across this article today courtesy of and now my dreams of working for the Lego corporation have been renewed. Engineering degree be damned!


LEGO Business Card

By Bruce Stewart EmailFebruary 26, 2009 | 9:30:00 AMCategories: Lego
As if I needed another reason to think that working for LEGO would be the most awesome job imaginable, Alexander Kjerulf just blew my mind with these customized minifig business cards that LEGO employees get.

Lego_cardReportedly, LEGO even attempts to match an employee's features with their own minifigs. I think we've got a winner for the coolest business card ever. What kind of geeky business cards have you had? Let us know in the comments

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