Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year's Resolution #1

I've decided to actually undertake one of my continually renewed annual resolutions: Watch less TV.

It's fair to say I'm a bit of an addict. Plus, our new sofa set is sooooooooooo cozy and perfectly acclimated to hours of televised vegging out. And it doesn't help that I'm married to a man who will stare aimlessly into the HD void for, well, hours. But I'm really displeased with the amount of time I'm losing to DirecTV as of late.

So, I'm going to try to cut the amount of time I spend watching the telly down to 2hrs a day during the week. (Not counting TV I watch while I'm on the treadmill, of course, or weekend sporting events.) I figure this will if nothing else force me to actually pursue my other hobbies. You know, brush the dust off my crochet needles and such.

I'll let you if/how this works out. Wish me luck.

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