Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays are Fundays

Courtesy of xkcd

As I mentioned last week we had our first major snow storm of the season, which meant that I had a whole lotta time to kill during the day. So after dodging laundry and enjoying my morning cup of tea, I set up shop in the kitchen while BHE assumed his preferred napping position on the couch.

Lina also in her preferred napping position.,

Meanwhile, I decided to entertain my inner baker and whipped up some homemade Tagalongs using a recipe posted by the lovely ladies over at We Are Not Martha.

For my friends outside the U.S.: We have an equivalent to your Girl Guides, but we call them Girl Scouts. (Well, you start out as a Daisy, and then move up the ranks to Brownie, and then you become a Girl Scout, but you get the idea.) Anywho, much like your GG Biscuits, we sell a nice selection of cookies. Girls join, earn badges, go on camping trips and the like. I made it to Brownie level before losing interest, but I still support the organization during their annual cookie drive. Unfortunately, since the GS HQ decided that sending little girls off to peddle their wares by themselves was perhaps not the best idea, I often miss the cookie sale season. Which makes for a sad Adrienne.

Which is why the Martha posting that made me downright giddy. And while Samoas (aka Caramel deLites) are my favorite, Tagalongs run an extremely close second. The cookies from this recipe are AMAZING!

The recipe actually makes, like, 35 cookies. This is just what's left at my house 4 days later.

Quick notes: Be sure to use a fork or tongs when dipping, otherwise you'll burn your finger pads (lesson learned on my end). Also, like the Sues note, the recipe makes enough batter for some 60 cookies - waaaay more than the amount of peanut butter filling and chocolate dip. Unless you're catering some kind of event or just lack any concept of portion control, go ahead and halve the recipe or simply freeze half of the batter for later use.

You can find the recipe here:

We're due for another ice storm tonight, so there's a chance I'll get another day off tomorrow. Which will give me time to come up with a recipe in honor of my soon-to-arrive goddaughter. Any ideas for a starting point would be very much welcome!!

As always, ENJOY!

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Joanna said...

Love the new layout! You're making those cookies for me the next time I come and see you!