Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow down South: Veganized Eggplant Parmigiana

Happy holidays from sunny South Carolina, where 2 1/2 inches of snow managed to overtake my parents' neighborhood in a single night and throw off our travel plans by an entire day. Who says there's no such thing as climate change?

Anyway, our holiday traveling has finally, FINALLY come to an end, and now Tony (aka Best Husband Ever, aka BHE) and I can chill out at home for a bit and play with our respective Christmas presents. (Him: new power tools; Me: a Nook)

Prior to taking off for locations up and down the East Coast, BHE and I managed to visit M&M of ex-boyfriend collection fame for some good eats. Well, the Lady M and I had some good eats; the boys had a man date to go and see Tron Legacy. (They both liked it.)

Lady M is a whiz at veganizing recipes, so we took the time this evening to prepare some Panzanella (already a vegan recipe) and a tweaked version of Mario Batali's Eggplant Parmigiana.

The eggplant was SIGNIFICANTLY less involved than the panzanella, the steps to which included roasting tomatoes and reducing the rendered juices with wine for the dressing. It was amazing, as ever - and the eggplant dish pretty much puts itself together. (Daiya makes an tasty vegan mozzarella cheese you can use in the recipe.) BHE thought the slices were too thick to really enjoy, but I thought their size gave them more of a steak-like texture that added to the dish.

Monster Cat kept an eye on things while we were in the kitchen. He later went on to eat a whole mouse, proving veganism is not in fact for everybody.

Check out Mario's recipe and try it for yourself. While I'm afraid I don't have the exact recipe the panzanella we used, I've had good luck in the past with Ina Garten's take on the dish.

We're nearly a week into the new year already. Break any of those resolutions yet? :)

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