Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Viva (Recovery from) Las Vegas/New Podcast Rec

Happy post Valentine's, everybody! I hope you had a chance to spend a moment or three with your loved one/partner/BFF/pet goldfish, enjoying each other's company. Or, if you were me and BHE, trying not to vomit during the less-than-steady landing of your Delta flight into BWI.

Today I'm back in the office, slooooooowly trying to recover from a weekend of shenanigans in none other than that beacon of all things decadent: Las Vegas. Home to numerous stage acts, all you can eat buffets, and the occasional C-List MTV reality star.

Keep it classy, Vegas!

During V-day weekend, Las Vegas also hosts the US leg of the International Rugby Sevens. This would be my 5th time at the sevens (my 4th here in the US) and this most recent trip did not disappoint. Well, except for that part where NZ lost to Fiji in the semi-finals, but otherwise it was all good. Sevens Rugby is joining the Olympic lineup in 2016, so this as good a chance as any to see what the fuss is all about. Plus, this is pretty much the only sporting event I've been to where venues encourage interaction between players and fans. Without going into detail about the number of rugby parties attended, let me just say that the English 7s team is an exceptionally
tall bunch.

Seriously, put it on your to-do list for 2012.

Anywho, because most of my time was spent either watching the games, sitting in front of a penny slot, or at a 7s-sponsored party watching girls trying to hit on rugby players, I didn't have a chance to take in much of Vegas' culinary offerings. I did manage to sneak into the Vosges shop at Caesar's Palace.

BHE and his 7s weekend mustache with the Vosges Bacon Caramel Toffee.

Alas, the bacon toffee was bit out of my price range, so I settled for the Balsamico (12-year aged balsamic vinegar mixed with dark chocolate and Sicilian hazelnuts) and Red Fire (Mexican ancho and chipotle chillies with cinnamon and dark chocolate) truffles instead.

We also (finally!) made a side trip for BHE's and my first ever In-N-Out burger! It's no Five Guys, but the burgers held their own. The fries...not so much. My buddy Erin said it best:

"They taste like those potato sticks that come in a can."

Best money I spent that weekend, excluding tickets to see the Lion King (Go. NOW.) and of course my favorite penny slot at the Mandalay Bay:

There's a wild card feature that includes an animated Bruce Lee performing a high side kick. PHENOMENAL!

******************And now, your non-recipe...

Unless you count opening your straw and doing that little knot trick with the wrapper, I was off cooking detail this week. I did, however, come across a new podcast that I think you'll enjoy:

Try it if you like other NPR fare such as Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! or How Stuff Works podcasts like Stuff You Should Know.

On a side note, I'm making a more serious effort to study French and need a practice buddy with an Internet connection and a good bit of patience. If you know of anybody (or happen to be that somebody), just shoot me an email. I'll cook!

Thanks! And Enjoy!

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