Friday, April 1, 2011

An Additional 5-Seconds

(1) Is anyone else enjoying this season of Archer as much as I am? I about fell off the couch in hysterics when Pam revealed that Lord Byron poem tattoo on her back last night.

(2) I haven't been to the Preakness since '08, when some of the drunken hordes took to lobbing full cans of beer in the air. (One of them clipped BHE in the arm - he still has a scar.)

The city has tried to temper the frat-like scene on the field over the years, but drinking has yet to be banned altogether. In fact, this year's race mascot is the Kegasus. That's not a typo.

(3) BHE and I played hooky yesterday and spent the afternoon at the zoo.

There were a surprising number of animals out given the cold weather. The highlight of the trip had to be number of baby critters running around the place.

The pandas had a cub a while back...

The gorillas had a baby last fall...

The lions recently had a litter of cubs...

(I meant to post video of the frolicking cubs, but can't find my phone cable to upload the cuteness.) Even the cuttle fish had kids. It was an overload of adorable!

Here's hoping the weekend can keep up the pace!

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