Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vegetarian Posers

This past weekend BHE and I may have overindulged a wee bit too much in the food and drink (and mani-pedi) category. Saturday was spent hanging out in DC with another couple, drinking a LOT Yuengling and snacking on fried potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pickles.

Well, I'm the only one who ate the pickles, but still - you get the idea.

A good and late lasting time was had by all.

BHE likes pandas.

On Sunday BHE and I dragged ourselves out of bed and - determined not to spend the day indoors - made a trip to walk around Ft. McHenry here in Baltimore (where we soon realized that neither of us completely knows the lyrics to the national anthem) and then went out for brunch. More fattening food ensued, including the tots at Regi's, which are apparently the best appetizer in the city according to the Baltimore Magazine.

Why, yes! They ARE covered in Brie and apple-smoked bacon!

We rolled home and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Lesson learned: A weekend of fried stuffs and cheese/beer leads to a slow, painful recovery on the sofa.

My impression of a scrambled egg.

So in an attempt to recover both calories, nutrients and what's left of our entertainment budget, BHE and I are going vegetarian this week. Sunday night consisted of a veggie stir-fry and Grilled Romaine Salad (courtesy of Serious Eats). I forgot to take a photo. Mostly because my brain was still hurting.

Yesterday I took a page (literally) from Susie Middleton's book, Fresh, Fast & Green, and threw together a Double Lemon Ginger Carrot Salad and then tweaked her Simple Avacado and Herb Salad recipe so it had a bit more protein in it.

Cannellini beans - is there anything they can't do?

Tonight Ms. Middleton will be showing me how to make a New Potato Salad with Fresh Peas, Lime, and Yogurt. I'd post the recipes, but I'm pretty sure that be some serious copyright infringement. (And seriously, you need to go out and get a copy of this book for your personal library.)

However, if you ask nicely, I'll be happy to share.


In the meantime, go get some sunshine while you can. And Enjoy!

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Suz said...

YEAH! Your friendly neighborhood pescetarian cheers you! Hope you love being temporary veggies. :)