Saturday, August 29, 2009

About 1/5 of the way in

Today was our second team workout. 7:30am per usual. Hoo-ray.

Despite the overcast skies, it was comfortable training weather. Not too hot and not raining, though the humidity certainly wasn't doing anyone any favors.

We ran North Central Rail Trail, which apparently used to be part of the railroad system and goes all the way up to York, Pa. (A 20 mile run, which I will be working up to prior to the marathon. Hoo-ray again.)

While half-marathoners completed 4 miles today, Kevin had those of us running the full complete 6 miles.

I'm pretty sure my heart dropped directly into my stomach after he made that announcement.

About half of the full marathon group keeps a 9min-mile pace and they were soon well out of sight. Meanwhile, I stayed back and practiced my makeshift Galloway method since I still need to by a running watch and timing with the clock on my cell phone proved a tad awkward.

Still, I was able to keep a good pace - roughly a 12min-mile, which was incredibly satisfying. Turns out that I can run a faster pace when I'm running in segements.

Granted, the boys cross country team that passed us mid-run, bounding like f*cking gazelles without breaking a sweat, didn't do much for my ego. Oh well. I'll leave those track events to the young.

I'm feeling exhilirated post-run. I've never run 6 miles before! I'm also feeling quite exhausted for pretty much the same reason.

Next weekend I'm in Pittsburgh, so I'll need to figure out a way to run 7 miles on my own. No small feat, believe me. I'll let you know how that test of personal will works out.

And thanks to everyone for the words of support!! Keep 'em coming - something tells I'm going to need it :)

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