Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Final Countdown

That ridiculous ear bug courtesy of the band Europe is running nonstop in my head as I try to avoid election coverage for the day. Tony and I arrived at our polling station a half hour after it opened (7:30 am) and - awesomely - there was another half hour wait just to cast our ballots. How phenomenal is that??

I have no idea how the election will pan out today. McCain has already filed suit in Virginia to extend the deadline for overseas ballots from servicemen/women to the 14th. Rumors in Pennsylvania have people convinced that poll stations are closed when they're actually up and running. And lord knows what the bat-shizz crazy fundamentalists on either side are up to.

If anything, I will be interested in seeing what the voter turnout will be. In New Zealand, it was always a point of shame to explain how few people actually vote in the this country. But it seems the opportunity to live up to our national potential is an actual possibility today. How awesome is that??

So, God willing, people get their collective backsides in gear and make it to the polls today. I'm not sure who will win, but the Redskins did lose yesterday (yeah, Steelers!), and according to tradition that means the incumbent party will lose the popular vote. Just saying...

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