Friday, November 14, 2008

Like a way lamer/tamer Ice Cube

So, I had a flipping phenomenal day yesterday. A good day, as Ice Cube might say.

In no particular order, here are the fantabulous events of November 13, 2008:
  1. While reading the federally-funded evaluation of the NZDS (which was the subject of my Fulbright), I noticed a certain citation in the 'Documents Reviewed' section:

    Wiley A E, MSW/MID, Whakanui Oranga: Lessons on Culture and Policy from the New ZealandDisability Strategy, Massey University, New Zealand, 2007

    That would be MY paper they're talking about.

  2. I go to the Fresh Market to place a turduckin order for Thanksgiving. They didn't have any.

  3. However, they did have a big ol' barrel overflowing with my favorite confectionery treat straight out of New Zealand: RJ's Raspberry Licorice.

    Even at $7 a bag, it's totally worth it.

  4. I finally had a chance to see (most of) the exhibits at the Walters Art Museum. For free!

  5. Bonus: The museum was handing out bucket-fulls of Hershey's Kisses.

  6. Upon walking into the grocery store, the store's sound system starts to pipe my all-time favorite pick-me-up song: I Want You Back by the Jackson 5. I maintain that failure to smile when hearing this song is proof that you have no soul.

It was a good day indeed.

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