Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Both admirable and just a little bit nerdy

I'll post on the holiday festivities later in the week, but for now, a little something from NPR. Tony was thisclose to being an Eagle Scout (for those of you who knew him in college, it's surprising, I know...) so the story has some sentimental value. Enjoy!

Scout Earns All Merit Badges Possible

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Scout Shawn Goldsmith shows off his merit badges.

Scout Shawn Goldsmith shows off his merit badges. Courtesy Shawn Goldsmith

All Things Considered, January 3, 2009 · Shawn Goldsmith has accomplished a rare feat for a Boy Scout — he earned all 121 merit badges available. You only need 21 to get the title "Eagle" Scout. "If I run into a stranger, there's definitely something to talk about. I have 121 topics to talk about," he says when asked why he did it.

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