Friday, September 19, 2008

Go Grandma!

One of the unexpected perks of marrying into my husband's family is the family vacation. We were unable to make last year's trip to Cancun - what with the wedding and all. Next year's May trip originally included a Caribbean cruise on the high seas.

I'm sure most people love the idea of a cruise (particularly a near-free one, as Grandma G is treating). Thoughts of sun decks and all-can-eat-buffets spring to mind.

Not me. Adding to my list of personal quirks is the fact that I really have no desire to go on a cruise. Ever. I'm damn near anti-cruise to be quite honest. While other people think of sun and fun, I'm haunted by fears of norovirus outbreaks, tsunamis, and giant squid. (Thank you very much, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.)

Still, I sucked it up for the sake of love and family. Plus, I figured I could, if nothing else, pass the time consuming mass amounts of drinks served in tall glasses stacked with fruit and miniature umbrellas.

But then tragedy fiscal and familial struck when Grandma G had to have heart surgery and the cruise budget began to mirror her medical bills. So in the end the cruise was scrapped. (*tear)

But from the sunken vacation wreckage, a new vacation plan has emerged. Now, we're not taking a cruise - we're renting private villas. In the Dominican Republic. And Grandma G is STILL treating.

HOW PIMP IS THAT?!? Go Grandma!

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