Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, it cuts way more than carrots...

It's been a slow week at work, so I headed home a little early yesterday to get a head start on dinner. Since Tony and I are making a feeble attempt to eat healthier meals, last night's menus consisted of sauteed zucchini with chicken andouille sausage.

To saute zucchini, I first needed to carve the vegetable into even 1/4'' inch slices. Not a problem. I just pulled out our handy dandy OXO Mandolin that Tony gave me last Christmas. And by" gave", I mean he used the remainder of our Williams-Sonoma gift card to make up for an argument he'd started earlier that day.

Just for clarification: When I say that I used a mandolin to carve the zucchini, I'm referring to this:

As opposed to this:

In any event, as it turns out the blade on the mandolin is mad-sharp. Like, ginsu knife sharp. If you recall the original commercials, a ginsu blade can carve through brick and still make perfectly thin slices of heirloom tomato.

So you can imagine my dismay when, in a moment of poorly timed neglect, I failed to notice that I had reached the end of the zucchini and proceeded to take off a not-so-healthy portion of the finger.

From Drop Box

The pad of your thumb holds a surprising amount of blood. And, it turns out I'm not so good at seeing blood pour out of my digits. I started seeing spots and had to lie down for a little while. Twice. (The 2nd time after Tony redressed the wound.)

The zucchini still turned out well. And Tony took me out for chocolate peanut butter blitz pie to help me feel better, which totally worked.

In future, I'll remember to keep an eye on my hands and fingers in the kitchen. Lest I end up like THIS guy...

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